Coffee as life style



Interesting facts about coffee history

Blackcurrant Cheesecake

Sweet dessert with zesty flavour will surprise your taste. This blackcurrant cheesecake differs from the traditional one with its berry lightness and the taste of summer.

Chocolate Cheesecake

Soft dessert of chocolate soufflé on the base of sweet biscuits with creamy taste and wonderful aroma of cocoa.

Red Velvet

The most delicate sponge cake with melting in your mouth cream cheese. Original colour and subtle flavour of cocoa in the cake gives zest to this velvety dessert.

Pincher cake with fruit jelly

The classic "Pincher" cake soft layers soaked with sweet cream, with original new ingredient from our pastry chef – fruit jelly!


Three different cookies – three original desserts, each one tastes differently. Cookies, Americaner and Dutch cookies – a variety of flavours of baked delight!

Italian Cheesecake

Puffy cheese cake is to be fallen in love with the first bite. That's a real Italian passion!

New York Cheesecake

A pudding based upon a shortcrust pastry — try this traditional American dessert with a cup of coffee in Coffee Life!


This moderately sweet treat is made up of many crisp layers soaked richly in butter cream.

Cherry Strudel

Very tender and tasty dessert is delightful with its juicy cherry filling, wrapped in a short thin pastry sheet in the form of rolls.

French Meringue with walnuts

Airy sweets made of whipped egg whites and sugar together with a subtle taste of hazelnuts melt in your mouth leaving a pleasant aftertaste.