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Unicorn Frappe

Flavours of fairy cherry and currant and soft ice cream, sweetness and sourness, are blended together under a layer of cream and coloured powder.

Unicorn Ice Latte

A fairy tale with ice and magic powder. Secret cooling recipe for wizards, sorcerers, magicians and... all Coffee Life customers!

Unicorn Latte

The real magic on the Coffee Life menu! A drink from a fairy tale, or maybe, from the Harry Potter stories following a secret recipe from a unicorn :)

Blueberry Tart

Sweet, succulent and super healthy, meet the berry star of our new dessert – blueberry!

Raspberry Cheesecake

This summer, colourful, berry upgrade of the classic cheesecake recipe tastes surprisingly good with strong coffee.

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon sweetness and orange playfulness are combined in a new lemonade taste with an unexpected tropical tinge.

Barberry Lemonade

A cool glass, barberry flavour that is unlike anything else and some mint for freshness – your summer lemonade is ready.

Non-alcoholic Sangria

We created this non-alcoholic version so that you could slowly drink sangria and enjoy a refreshing berry flavour freely.


Soft focaccia, baked with herbs, tomatoes and spices, with a delicious filling layer of turkey fillet, mozzarella, fresh peppers and tomato slices.

Caprese Sandwich

Red slices of ripe tomatoes, creamy white mozzarella, fragrant basil leaves and pesto sauce for a rich taste.

Berry tart

A small buttery crust base is filled with aromatic vanilla cream, which is crowned with raspberry and currant berries fringed with almond petals.

Specialty Lemonade

Our house special lemonade has the maximum flavour and freshness from just a few simple ingredients. Goes perfectly with summer and fun!

Strawberry Frappe

Berry innovation of a popular coffee drink. And why don’t you try this coolness today?

Caramel Frappe

Fragrant espresso, fresh milk, luscious milk foam, caramel "web" – and of course, ice.

Nut flavoured Frappe

Refreshing coffee masterpiece is covered with spirals of whipped cream and mixed to the optimum foamy consistency.

Sea Buckthorn Tea

Dense, bright orange sea buckthorn berries turn your glass of tea into the healthiest drink of the day. And, probably, the brightest!

Specialty Frappe

We add a scoop of ice cream to some coffee with ice, milk and cream, sprinkle it with chocolate drops and serve for your enjoyment.

Blackcurrant Cheesecake

Sweet dessert with zesty flavour will surprise your taste. This blackcurrant cheesecake differs from the traditional one with its berry lightness and the taste of summer.

Specialty Hot Chocolate

Delightful, thick, aromatic hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream, banana, cherries and peanuts.

Kir Royal

Meet Kir Royal – a chic mix of champagne and black currant liquor nicely chilled with ice cubes.