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Jamon Panini

Tasty combination of salty and fresh flavours in a new snack a la Italiana. Exquisite pleasure of a European lunch in a comfortable coffee house.

Salmon Sandwich

Sandwich with tender salmon, tangy cheese and fresh greens is a small celebration of taste and healthy pleasure.


Soft focaccia, baked with herbs, tomatoes and spices, with a delicious filling layer of turkey fillet, mozzarella, fresh peppers and tomato slices.


Thin slices of bread are fried in butter and dipped in delicate béchamel sauce. Juicy sandwich filling consists of ham, tomatoes and lettuce.

Bagel with chicken in white sauce

With the new filling of chicken in white sauce, savoury cheese, tomato and fresh greens this bagel makes every snack appetizing and complete.

Chicken Panini

Juicy and flavourful combination of chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and melted cheese with Mediterranean herbs between two crisp pieces of bread.

Sandwich 'Mix'

Smoked chicken fillet and ham, tartar sauce and tomato.

Sandwich 'Hawaii'

Pineapple, smoked chicken fillet and sauce on striped bread.

Chicken and mushroom Strudel

A delicious mix of chicken and mushrooms. One of our chef’s specialities, with mild sauce and a secret blend of spices.