Coffee as life style




Published March 19

More flavours, more nutrition and less calories! Whether you work out, watch your calories intake or just look for a healthy alternative to ready-made meals, then new fitness menu* at Coffee Life is for you!

Healthy eating – is it about strict diet and depriving yourself of sweets? Coffee Life busts this myth! For us a healthy diet means that our customers get the most out of our food, feel fine and leave the coffee shop in a great mood. Also it’s a possibility to choose a drink, dessert or snack with fewer calories, but no less delicious.

Whole wheat sandwich with chicken and sandwich wrap with spinach and cottage cheese are our new snacks, which have perfectly balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate. Whole wheat bread, spinach and cottage cheese for your beautiful shape and a healthy body!

Looking for a fast way to still your hunger without spoiling the appetite? We can help! Strawberry and berry fitness cocktails, or honey and oatmeal fitness bar for boosting your energy at any time and place.

New fitness menu at Coffee Life – more healthy meals at a good price. 

*the offer is valid at all Coffee Life coffeehouses except the coffeehouse at the "Menora" centre