Coffee as life style

Our beloved guests!

Our loyalty program will soon change for the better and that is why we offer you to spend the bonus on your cards until 01.03.2020.

Morning is just made for a hot cup of invigorating coffee. Especially since we offer your favourite espresso or cappuccino for only 25 hryvnias! Start your day with the best fragrant drink in the world at the Coffee Life coffeehouses. 

From now at Coffee Life coffee houses you can choose the kind of milk we add to your favourite coffee. Almond, soy or coconut milk will bring new flavours to your latte and Raf coffee. 

Free coffee with your sweet order! On any day from 17:00 to 18:00, when you purchase any dessert you like, we will make a coffee drink for you for free. Treat yourself with a pleasant coffee drinking!