Coffee as life style



Interesting facts about coffee history

Kir Royal

Meet Kir Royal – a chic mix of champagne and black currant liquor nicely chilled with ice cubes.

Long Island

"Long Island" cocktail is a mix of 4 different spirits – vodka, rum, gin and tequila, so all fans of exciting alcoholic mixes will love it for sure.


Whether it’s a torrid heat or an icy winter, Cuban cocktail with lime, mint, soda and white rum always delights with its uncommon taste.

Mulled Wine

You can get warm after a long walk and enjoy sweet and spicy taste of mulled wine in the cozy surroundings of the Coffee Life coffeehouses.

Rum and Cola

Tasty, sweetish, slightly carbonated drink to quench thirst and consolidate convivial spirit.

Gin and Tonic

The taste of this tonic cocktail is like a bomb which explodes after the first sip.