Coffee as life style



Barberry Lemonade

A cool glass, barberry flavour that is unlike anything else and some mint for freshness – your summer lemonade is ready.

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon sweetness and orange playfulness are combined in a new lemonade taste with an unexpected tropical tinge.

Specialty Lemonade

Our house special lemonade has the maximum flavour and freshness from just a few simple ingredients. Goes perfectly with summer and fun!

Phyto cocktails

Lots of wholesome ingredients for recharging and stilling hunger. Oat flakes, milk and fruits all blended together – this healthy cocktail is made for active and energetic persons.


It is not just a fruit cocktail. It is a rich and bright mixture of blended fruits and berries.

Fresh Orange Juice

This sour sweet fresh drink can instantly still your thirst, take off the effects of weariness and uplift your spirits.


Pleasant tingling of chilled lemonade in your mouth will remind you the joys of childhood.

Non-alcoholic Mojito

Fresh mint which crowns the hill of crushed ice in shaker, and water drops pearled on the sides of the glass make Mojito even more cool and desirable.


You would like to drink this thick, whipped milkshake in one gulp, then wipe the milk "mustache" with your sleeve and break into sincere broad smile.