Coffee as life style



Lemon and Pear Tea

Every sip of this tea evokes pleasant memories. The right drink for a happy winter season.

Sea Buckthorn Tea

Dense, bright orange sea buckthorn berries turn your glass of tea into the healthiest drink of the day. And, probably, the brightest!

Currant tea

Whole berries of black currant saturate the tea with their taste and aroma, which make it wonderfully delicious.

Rose Flower Tea

Delicate pink buds make a fragrant brew with a light floral and fruity taste and a lot of healing qualities.

Jasmine Flower Tea

Watch the jasmine buds “bloom” in the hot drink, and enjoy its calming aroma and soft aftertaste.

Ginger Tea

A cup of healthy ginger tea with an inimitable flavor will keep you both fit and elated.

Honey, Mint & Cinnamon Tea

Honey, Mint & Cinnamon Tea – aromatic fusion of health and taste! Reinvigorates, refreshes and recharges your batteries.

Сocoa with marshmallows

There is no better drink for improving your mood than a warming cup of flavorous cocoa with airy marshmallows.


A gentle, milky cocoa, together with a croissant or other sweet pastry, will become the key to cheerful mood for the whole day.