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Black Sandwich

A long baguette with roasted sesame seeds is filled with tender chicken, bacon slices and cheese, seasoned with spices and a pinch of mystery.

Bacon Sandwich

The combination of baguette, melted cheese, baked bacon and pieces of smoked pork chuck will not leave indifferent the connoisseurs of hearty snacks.

Big Beef Burger

Pickled cucumbers, onion rings and cheddar cheese sauce on a juicy roasted patty between two halves of a soft bun.

Chicken Burger

Chicken patty with sauces and mustard, pickled cucumbers and onions in a soft bun with sesame seeds make this snack both hearty and low-calorie.

Sandwich 'Mix'

Smoked chicken fillet and ham, tartar sauce and tomato.

Sandwich 'Hawaii'

Pineapple, smoked chicken fillet and sauce on striped bread.