Coffee as life style



Our beloved guests!

Our loyalty program will soon change for the better and that is why we offer you to spend the bonus on your cards until 01.03.2020.

Morning is just made for a hot cup of invigorating coffee. Especially since we offer your favourite espresso or cappuccino for only 25 hryvnias! Start your day with the best fragrant drink in the world at the Coffee Life coffeehouses. 

From now at Coffee Life coffee houses you can choose the kind of milk we add to your favourite coffee. Almond, soy or coconut milk will bring new flavours to your latte and Raf coffee. 

Free coffee with your sweet order! On any day from 17:00 to 18:00, when you purchase any dessert you like, we will make a coffee drink for you for free. Treat yourself with a pleasant coffee drinking! 

At all Coffee Life coffeehouses every evening after 20:00 most delicious snacks and desserts are at half price.

Are you planning a bit of celebration or relaxation? Classic alcoholic cocktails Rum & Cola and Gin & Tonic, as well as the elegant Cherry Brandy and heavenly Blue Lagoon and Tequila Sunrise for you on our menu.

Fine milk and chocolate cocoa drink with marshmallow airy pieces – warming winter fantasy in the Coffee Life menu. Be sure to enjoy the hot drink with amazing marshmallows until the end of winter! 

Coffee Life introduces the most pleasant cooling drink – Ice Cream Coffee. Coffee with sweet ice cream and cherry is already on the Ice menu of our coffee shops. Indulge in coffee pleasure even in the hottest days!

Only from September 3d to 5th at all Coffee Life coffeehouses our baristas will make a cup of fragrant coffee for you as a compliment when you order any dessert or snack.


Indulge in this cold drink with bold coffee flavor. Coconut, strawberry, nut and cherry frappe with crushed ice for a bright, refreshing emotions! 

Have you heard the news? We celebrate 10 years and we want to give away two new iPhone X! How to win? Just visit any Coffee Life coffee house, enjoy the coffee and leave your receipt at the shop. Catch your chance till the drawing in December! 

Coffee Life gives warmth! Hot coffee drinks at our expense for all customers with a promotional code! Show the promo code from sms, make an order and get a free coffee drink of your choice for free at any Coffee Life coffee house. 

Grand coffee drinking in honor of our 10th birthday. Everyone is invited! On November 6, 7 and 8 at all Coffee Life coffee houses, the most popular coffee drinks are served for free with delicious treats from the menu. You’re welcomed to the party! 

During these cold days there is nothing better than warming, spicy mulled wine. One of the best drinks of winter at Coffee Life coffeehouses. Come for the warmth to our shops! 

Sweet surprise for our favourite winter holidays – hot cocoa with marshmallows and Christmas cake together only at 69 UAH. Winter holidays become brighter and more delicious with Coffee Life! 

Coffee Life rewards good taste with iPhone 7! From October 11 to December 23 at all Coffee Life coffeehouses you can take part in a drawing of the innovative gadget. Make an order, leave the receipt and wait for the results. Congratulations to our winner of the second drawing! 

Drink coffee and play games with your friends! Now at Coffee Life you can relax with entertainment – we have board games for you and your friends in Dnipropetrovsk coffee shops for a fun leisure. 

Iced cocktails, fresh fruit smoothies, fizzy lemonades, cool milk shake, coffee with ice cream and a variety of frappes – at Coffee Life we know how to quench the thirst with taste. Come for refreshments! 

Special offer for all fans of the best coffee from Coffee Life. Only from July 1 to August 31, if you order two coffee beverages you’ll get a second one on the house! 

Fresh, fragrant coffee with each snack or wonderful dessert in the new summer breakfast and lunch offers at Coffee Life! Delicious offers every day at the best prices from 47 UAH.

Everyone knows that we have the best coffee in the city. And with it we offer always fresh and the most delicious snacks and desserts. New sandwiches and three delightful cake desserts in the menu of our coffee shops! 

You order, we treat you to a coffee! Only at Coffee Life coffee shops in Zaporizhia if you order dessert or snack, you get any coffee of your choice for free.

Pleasant surprise for all coffee connoisseurs from Coffee Life! Only in June if you purchase two packs of coffee beans, you get a third pack for free. Good buy of the excellent coffee!

Coffee Life reveals the secrets of making the most delicious coffee! On June 25 and 26 master classes in latte art and alternative ways of brewing coffee will be given in Kharkiv and Dnipro cities. Come to the "Dafi" malls for new ideas! 

 The most delicate spring coffee drink with delicious chocolate flavour. New Raf coffee with chocolate already in the menu of Coffee Life coffee shops. Silk coffee and chocolate flavour, which you have not tasted before!

Delicious surprise from Coffee Life! Three amazing new flavours of the lovely cappuccino. Dreamy chocolate, majestic nut and tempting caramel. Try the new flavours now! 

Do not miss your chance to win iPhone 6s by buying coffee! Congratulations to the winner - Anton from Dnipropetrovsk! You can see photos and video from the drawing on our website.

For Women's Day Coffee Life offers you to surprise all beautiful ladies. From March 3 to 8 purchase suspended coffee for the beloved one, a colleague or a mysterious stranger girl with 50% discount, and surprise her on March 8! 

 Don’t miss! Coffee Life opens new, modernized coffeehouse in Dnipropetrovsk. Only on February 25, 26 and 27 come to a great coffee occasion with dynamic MC and surprises for customers.

Till the end of winter we give a cup of coffee to all coffee lovers for free. Buy 4 coffee drinks during February and get the 5th one for free from us. Show us how much you love coffee! 

The winner of our bright "Instaframe" contest is Alena from Dnipropetrovsk! Congratulations! 

Hot coffee drink for cold autumn days. Chocolate mocha warms you up, improves your mood and is a perfect sweet treat. Best mocha in your city only at Coffee Life! 

Flavourful multi-layered drink warms up feelings this autumn at Coffee Life. Caramel Macchiato with strong espresso, whipped milk and caramel flavour is created purely to have a great time. 

 On January 24 and 25 for all students there is a 50% off discount on sandwiches that goes with a coffee order. Also cocktails "Rum and Cola" and "Gin and Tonic" at 25 UAH! Take your student ID and come to Coffee Life!

On February 13 and 14 love, be loved, get presents and celebrate Valentine's Day at Coffee Life!  For all lovers we have prepared the most romantic Twilight cocktail and also a sweet couple that is berry tart and cappuccino.

On November 6 and 7 celebrate our birthday and receive gifts! All receipts with a happy amount of 88 UAH and more will get a free birthday cocktail. And there will be even more surprises! 

Exclusive new menu item at Coffee Life! Latte Tiramisu – dessert beverage or coffee dessert? Try and decide for yourself. It is deliciously tempting no matter what you call it! 

Mulled wine against evil! On Halloween Coffee Life treats you with hot drink in exchange for a receipt with the mystical sum of 66 UAH. Come to get your gift! 

Ukrainian Book of Records has registered a new coffee record, and the team of Coffee Life made it happen! We helped to create the largest in Ukraine panel made of coffee, on which the coat of arms of Ukraine was inlaid. 

Bookcrossing at Coffee Life is already a tradition. Bring an interesting book to our coffeehouse and share it with others and in return get a cup of Americano for free with your receipt!

Our drink of the month in October is Americano! From 1 to 15 of October at our coffee shops you can order a cup of Caffè Americano at the price of 21 UAH. Americano Days at Coffee Life! 

We’d like to invite everyone to a coffee at a new coffee shop in Kyiv! Cozy surroundings, aromatic coffee beverages, sweet desserts and tasty snacks await you on Haidara St., 58/10. 

Only from 14 to 30 of September get a boost of autumn energy at our coffee shops at a special price. A cup of strong espresso for 17 UAH – don’t miss the special Espresso Days at Coffee Life! 

The first day of autumn and the Knowledge Day Coffee Life celebrates with gifts! On September 1st we have some nice surprises for all our customers: with every order you get a branded present from Coffee Life.

More sweet desserts, delicious snacks and the best fresh coffee for breakfast and lunch at Coffee Life in November! Delicious offers at the best prices from 39 UAH.

We love a fine cup of coffee so much that we want to share the secrets of making it with you. On September 4 you’re invited to the masterclass where you can learn how to brew the perfect coffee at home!

 Good news for everybody who loves coffee and relaxing surroundings! Coffee Life opens a new coffee shop in Dnipropetrovsk on Pastera str., 6a. You are invited for coffee!

Starting the season of sunny days with cool drinks for all tastes and moods! Smoothies, shakes, cocktails, lemonades, iced latte and iced tea – refresh yourself at Coffee Life coffeehouses. 

More flavours, more nutrition and less calories! Whether you work out, watch your calories intake or just look for a healthy alternative to ready-made meals, then new fitness menu at Coffee Life is for you! 

New drink at Coffee Life! We present you Flat White – coffee drink invented in Australia with a double shot of coffee and velvety steamed milk. 

It's time to enjoy new breakfasts and lunches from Coffee Life! Delicious offers with aromatic coffee at the best prices from 37 UAH.

Fill your body with orange energy at Coffee Life every day from 4 to 6 p.m.! Orange juice and Carrot pie together in vitamin-rich offer at 33 UAH. 

Totally new taste of a well-known coffee with alternative ways of brewing! Try pour-over, Aeropress or Chemex – discover new coffee taste with soft fruit, nut and chocolate notes. 

Coffee Life Card is a great gift idea for your beloved women! It is easy-to-use, advantageous, and gives the Card owner many benefits when visiting the coffee shop. 

Make beautiful photo, upload it to Instagram with the tag #COFFEELIFEUA and win 50 UAH to the bonus account of your Coffee Life Card! 

It's time for warm sweaters and hot drinks! On the way to work or studies, going for a walk or even on the way home – take hot aromatic coffee from the coffee shop with you. 

There is no holiday without favourite dessert for you? Esterhazy, ChocoMan or Napoleon – all these desserts can now be custom made for you in Coffee Life as a whole cake. 

 For the first time in Ukraine Coffee Life offers to take part in a special Loyalty Program for a friendly business with the active use of Coffee Life Card co-branding!

Nice offers for the Spring holiday at Coffee Life coffeehouses. Cappuccino and strawberry and lemon tart together at a special price and 30% discount on alcoholic cocktails for the perfect mood! 

Get carried away into the tropics with the new hot drink "Caribbean rum" from Coffee Life. Travel to a warm sunny island without leaving the coffee shop. 

Berry bestseller of the winter season! Two new flavours of the favourite berry tea at Coffee Life. Currant or raspberry – choose the one you like more!

Hot fruit pleasure for winter days! New pomegranate punch delights with bright flavour, colour and pleasant warmth. Hurry up to try it till the end of winter! 

We load bonuses to your Coffee Life Card in exchange for your beautiful photos! All the beautiful girls who send us their photos until March 7 will get a chance to win 150 or 250 UAH to their Coffee Life Card.

Velvet love for Valentine's Day! Only on February 13-15 you can order pomegranate punch and dessert "Red Velvet" at a special price of 35 UAH at Coffee Life coffeehouses! 

Free coffee for newlyweds! For St. Valentine's Day Coffee Life gives honeymoon for all newlyweds. Show us your wedding rings and get two Americanos for free! 

Congratulations to three lovely couples who receive from us 500, 300 and 150 bonuses to their Coffee Life Card for Valentine's Day! The winners are: @samoilova.nat, @khomenko_mariya, @veronika_tes.

Coffee Life Card not only gives you a lot of advantages when visiting our coffeehouses, but also ensures pleasant discounts on your favourite coffee.

Winter came to Coffee Life with presents as tasty menu novelties! Try our new snacks and desserts: delicious pizzas, sweet snail pastries and lemon tart. 

The magic of winter in our new coffee beverage “Christmas Dreams”. Enjoy the fantastic taste of Christmas and New Year in the warm atmosphere of Coffee Life coffeehouses. 

How do winter holidays taste like? You can find out now at Coffee Life coffeehouses by trying our new latte with a wonderful aroma of gingerbread. 

Only this winter at Coffee Life coffeehouses you can enjoy the sweetness of raspberry in our new, festive latte. Winter treat with mouth-filling raspberry flavour and rich aroma of coffee. 

Wonderful offer from Coffee Life during the winter holidays. Delicate cappuccino and most popular winter dessert Christmas cake at a special price of 35 UAH! 

Coffee Life wishes all students a happy Students' Day! Especially for the holiday for all students and non-students we offer mulled wine at a special, warm price! 

Our new punches save from cold weather, chills and boredom! Hot drinks with fruit juices delight with their original taste and warm you inside on cold days of autumn. 

Fantastic discounts on drinks! Only on November 28, Black Friday, at Coffee Life coffeehouses there is 50% off discount on espresso, Americano and alcoholic cocktails! 

Coffee Life celebrates its 7th birthday! On November 6 our coffeehouse chain celebrates its birthday together with all guests and give delicious presents to all the fans of coffee! 

Who says you cannot mix pleasures? We present you "Coffee Colada" – double delight for fans of coffee and tropical "Pina Colada".

Forget about the bad weather! Our new coffee mixes with pumpkin and plum flavours bring you complete relaxation and pleasant warmth of a sunny autumn day. 

New secret drinks for the most mysterious holiday of the year! Coffee Life as always prepared treats for Halloween – holiday cocktails to protect you from evil spirits. 

In October and November 2014 Coffee Life chain will hold event of the year for the best baristas – Coffee Life Barista Championship! 

We are presenting 10 000 UAH for an unforgettable journey to a country you choose. And also gifts and bonuses on the card for all participants!

Coffee Life yet again treats customers with coffee novelties! Nut flavoured coffee with almond or hazelnut – is an exquisite taste of golden autumn. 

Autumn brought delicious surprises to Coffee Life! Spiced fruit tea with three energizing flavours – grapefruit, orange and prunes. It’s tea time! 

From September 21 at Coffee Life coffeehouses on special days at the bar counter of your favourite coffeehouse you will see a show business or sports celebrity. Unforgettable meetings with fans and a cup of coffee! 

For all smart boys and girls! Visit our coffeehouses – get your presents! Instant prize for one order for 50 UAH and more. 

Treat yourself with this authentic summer delicacy – Ukrainian kissel! Three different flavours and the sweetest berries in the exclusive August treat from Coffee Life.

Great news for all pro and amateur bicyclists: it’s now easier to come and buy your favourite coffee. Coffee Life organizes bicycle parking for all our energetic clients. 

Favourite drinks are always with you! On the walk, at the beginning of an exciting journey, in the open or just on the way home – take along any drink from the coffeehouse. 

Coffee Life treats with cheerfulness! Enjoying coffee alone or a meeting with friends, having a date or business meeting – excellent mood in our coffeehouses is always guaranteed. 

Check in using Foursquare at your favourite coffeehouse, post comments, publish photos and receive presents. 

Breakfast at Coffee Life is not only delicious, it is also affordable! Americano with any of the three kinds of toasts at the price of 19 UAH, or cappuccino with any of the two croissants at the price of 25 UAH. 

Strudel with chicken and mushrooms and a cup of Americano, or "Caesar" salad with the purchase of a drink - the most delicious lunch only for 19 UAH. 

The advantageous offer for the big companies! If you buy any menu items to the amount of 200 UAH, we give you drinks, desserts or snacks to the amount 50 UAH on the house. 

Spend the summer healthy! Buy our new phyto cocktails to fill your body with energy and vitamins. Lots of wholesome ingredients!

Novelty at Coffee Life! Spanish summer drink with wine and fruits – Sangria. Wine delight with a refreshing taste and wonderful fruity flavour.

What could be better than perfectly cold Iced Latte on a hot summer day? Only new summer flavours of Iced Latte – currants, apple and apricot!

Special deal for all lovers of Hankey Bannister whiskey from Coffee Life! Order two servings of whiskey, and we will give you the third serving on the house. 

Rock your summer with the best cocktails of all stylish parties! "Pina Colada" or "Long Island" – pick one and turn your evening into a party. 

Great offer from Jim Beam for merry companies! Order 2 servings of whiskey at Coffee Life coffeehouses and get another one for free! 

Traditional "Duchesse" and "Cream soda", or new "Fresh cucumber", "Elderflower", "Bubble gum" and "Tarkhun classic" – lemonade fiesta of tastes at Coffee Life. 

New colourful smoothies will supply your body with fruit vitamins after winter. Cranberry, raspberry or mango – each smoothie is healthy in its own way. 

Great news for all gourmets and lovers of the crispy French confection! In Coffee Life it is now possible to buy a whole package of Macarons.  

Coffee Life prolongs evening discount on all alcoholic cocktails! The days are getting hotter, so it's time to stop by your favourite coffeehouse and enjoy a cool cocktail with ice. 

Only in May: coffee with colour of the sun at Coffee Life! New coffee drink "Sunny coffee" brings you the energy of the sun at any time of the day. 

Celebrate the coming of warm sunny days with a cocktail at Coffee Life! New alcoholic cocktail "Sweet sun" to make you shine.

Coffee Life together with TM Alexx makes an offer for all lovers of coffee and fine cognacs. If you order Alexx Silver cognac you get Espresso or Americano for free. 

New coffee drinks with fruit flavours at Coffee Life. Apricot or apple? Caramel or chocolate? Choose your taste according to your mood!

New alcoholic cocktails with fruit flavours at Coffee Life. "Crazy currants" and "Apricot in liquor" – tastes you never tried!

Especially for Easter we at Coffee Life baked for you our special Easter paska, which we give for free with all orders worth 100 UAH and more.

On April 1 come to Coffee Life coffeehouses, write down your best anecdote on a napkin and get any coffee drink for free! Be filled with positive! 

"Spring Mint" is our new, amazing drink with ice, coffee and whipped cream that cools and raises spirits.

"Cool viridity" is an alcoholic cocktail with your favourite liquors, just what the body needs for cheerfulness! 

Coffee Life and TM Jameson give presents to all lovers of the high-quality whiskey. At our coffeehouses you can win one of three special prizes by ordering a serving of Jameson whiskey. Test your luck!

 Mix citrus ingredients with exquisite alcohol, add bright colors – and holiday cocktail is ready! 

 Exquisite cocktail contains the very best feminine traits: tenderness of whipped milk, mystery of exotic lychee and energy of espresso. 

Tender tiramisu and aromatic milk cocoa is the best sweet combination to raise your spirits! For all sweet tooths and gourmands!

 From February 17 to March 9 in all Coffee Life coffeehouses one serving of "Ararat" cognac 3* costs only 15 UAH.

Ginger tea or honey, mint and cinnamon tea plus pancakes with curd or pancakes with chicken – choose any combination for 21 UAH.

On December 1 at SC ​​Nagorny there was grand opening of a new Coffee Life coffeehouse!

Special offer for students: Americano and chicken pancakes or Americano and beef sandwich at "student’s" price!

Every Wednesday for the company of girls, whether they are friends, colleagues or just acquaintances there's surprise from Coffee Life!

From October 29 to November 17 there is a special offer from TM Alexx at our coffeehouse chain.

Buy two shots of Alexx brandy and get the third shot for free!

Alexx - the taste of adult games!

Every evening from 20:00 to 23:00 taste the delicious desserts and snacks of our own making and save 30%!

From July 1 to 21 one serving of the truly Mexican drink Olmeca Gold Tequila is offered with 30% discount.

Now even more coffee for Kyiv! Yesterday a new Coffee Life coffeehouse has opened in the Kyiv Dream Town mall!

 From June 13 we offer Bacardi rum specials at our coffeehouse chain! Guests are offered to choose from four specials that include different cocktails with rum.

Now even more coffee for Kharkov! A new coffeehouse has opened at Sumskaya str., 39!

The welcome summer is here! The season of ripe cherries, hot sun, vacations and new adventures has opened!

From June 5 to June 30 there is a special offer for the fans of traditional alcoholic drinks in our coffeehouse chain: three cocktails for the price of two!

A new Coffee Life coffeehouse opened today in Dnepropetrovsk city. 

Hearty aromatic cream soup and fresh vitamin salad is the best choice for a lunch at Coffee Life! 

Every Friday all registered users of the Coffee Life Card participate in a drawing to win 50 refills for the Cards for 25 hryvnias so that you can buy your favourite coffee drink!

From March 5 with every French press purchase you get a pack of aromatic Christmas blend whole bean coffee 250 g for free.

Give your business card to barista and get a chance to win an invitation to coffee from Coffee Life for you and your co-workers.

This week two Coffee Life coffeehouses concurrently opened their doors to the guests: one coffeehouse in the  Jewish center "Menorah" and the other one in the "Caravan" mall.  

Just order three portion of Ballantine’s Finest whiskey and get a glass as a gift!

Enjoy the rich taste of coffee in thermo mug from Coffee Life! It's so convenient to have your favourite hot drink always with you, so that you can enjoy the taste of it at any moment!

A glass of vitamin orange juice, fresh, crispy croissant with ham and cheese and a big cup of aromatic Americano is the best start of the day!

For the holiday on February 23 Coffee Life has a pleasant surprise for the men of spirit – the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail!

Deposit your Coffee Life Card account with 100 UAH every Friday and Saturday and get a 20 UAH bonus to buy your favorite drink!


Coffee Life wishes all loving couples and those who are yet single a happy holiday of love, and invites you to plunge into the romantic atmosphere at the Coffee Life coffeehouses!

We have found a way to memorize the happy moments at Coffee Life! The original magnet with your photo will be a stylish interior detail or a funny gift for your friend.

Cheery musical set from our special guest - DJ Kolya Liner, gleeful mood created by PJ and of course free drinks and snacks for all party goers!

Enjoy Cappuccino Grande with delicious Cherry Cake at a 25% discount!

Buy 2 cocktails and get the third one for free!

Celebrate Students' Day with Coffee Life! Only 3 days there is a 25% discount on the hot drinks for all students!

Bring an interesting book to any Coffee Life coffeehouse and get a free cup of Caffé Americano Grande.

Welcome in our new Coffee Life Card with New Year design! Coffee Life Card can be a great gift for your friends and loved ones!

Choose your favorite taste of Winter Tea – cranberries, sea buckthorn and berries mix!

Christmas cups, thermomugs, french-presses, thermoses and Christmas blend (bean coffee) wait for you at Coffee Life!

Our cookies are prepared on the basis of crumbly dough with spices and decorated with multicolored glaze.

Just buy a cup of Hankey Bannister whisky, take part in a lottery and win one of the 4 moment prizes: 50 ml of Hankey Bannister, pen, trinket, hat or jar!

Visit Coffee Life coffeehouses on the 21st of December and get a cup of Caffè Americano (solo size) for free!

Join our All Inclusive Party that will be held on the 21st of December at 22:30 at Coffee Life coffeehouse situated at 22, Sumskaya Street!

On the 6th of December a master class in coffee drawing on watercolor paper was held at Coffee Life coffeehouse located at 82, Karla Marx Avenue in Dnipropetrovsk.

Pieces of white chocolate and chocolate syrup together with espresso and foamed milk creates unforgettable taste of Christmas drink!

Just order 3 portions of Bacardi Rum and get one more for free. Or just order 2 portions of Rum – Cola on the basis of Bacardi Rum and get one more for free.

Sour-sweet cherry with chocolate and soufflé make a unique flavor of Cherry Cake. Attractive and delicious dessert will lift you up and get you into the holiday mood.


On the 23th of November a new Coffee Life coffeehouse will open its doors in Kirovograd. The coffeehouse is located on 3, Central Lane.


Delicious cocoa with marshmallows will lift you up and get you into the holiday mood!

True croissant made on the French recipe with Parma ham slices is a true delicacy for lovers of good food.


Buy one portion of Sandeman Brandy and get one for free!

Only on the 16th, 17th and 18th of November, all the students* get a 25% discount for alcoholic cocktails and drinks.

Every morning from 6:00 till 11:00 Coffee Life chain prepares you a delicious breakfast at the affordable price!

For 5 years we are making delicious coffee for all our visitors to warm up their hearts!

We have brought pumpkins, gathered all our friends and Coffee Life is ready to celebrate All Saints’ Day. Very refreshing coffee, very tasty desserts and snacks and our new cocktail – Scary Screwdriver.

We are holding a new contest!

Do you want to get a 500 UAH bonus to your Coffee Life CARD?

This fall, all Coffee Life guests have the opportunity to taste a new coffee drink – a Maple Latte with cinnamon and nutmeg.

With a 30 UAH check you have a possibility to buy goods at Coffee Life Store with a 30% discount.

Our hottest Duet of Autumn is: Ginger Tea and Honey, Mint & Cinnamon Tea. They will easily warm you up and will help keep up the ball.

With a 100 UAH check you have a possibility to get an ECO-bag from Coffee Life for free.

Just buy 2 cocktails and get one for free.


True puffed croisaant based on the receipt of the French chef will not leave anybody indifferent!

Muffins are small cakes that are softer and more delicious with different fillings than traditional cakes.

Starting from the 22th of September, you can get a Mojito cocktail at 30% discount

Contest rules are described on this page

Just buy 2 Aperol cocktails and get one free!

Only 3 days a week: On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday save up 20% by buying delicious Panini and Caffé Americano Grande.

With a 50 UAH check you get a possibility to enjoy delicious French cake (quiche) with a 50% discount.

With a 70 UAH check you get a possibility to buy an ECO-bag or a roomy ECO bag with modern print with a 70% discount.

Just buy any hot coffee beverage and get a candy for free.

French Pie (also known as a quiche – or Lorraine Pie) – is an open savory pie filled with eggs, milk/cream and cheese.

Panini (it. panino imbottito) - Italian grilled closed sandwich. After grill, the bread has delicious “strips” and the cheese is baked inside.

Contest rules are described on this page

Bookcrossing appeared on the initiative of internet specialist – Ron Hornbaker. From the U.S it moved to Europe and was warmly met in Italy, then in France and all around Europe up to Finland.

 Aperol has a bitter-sweet taste and was created in 1919. It consists of 30 natural ingredients that are collected in the north of Italy

Starting from 12:00 till 14:00 you can get iced latte with a 6 UAH discount!

Buy coffee and get tasty cookies and croissant with a discount!

Don’t you have time to visit your favorite coffeehouse? Now, you can order our products in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.

New arrival – a refreshing and ideally cold Iced Latte

Retail Awards 2011: Coffee Life is recognized as the best coffeehouse chain in Ukraine.

 Starting from the 2nd of May, order 2 Havana Mojito and get the third one – FREE!

Coffee Life coffeehouse chain offers to taste new sandwiches: sandwich with ox’s tongue and arugula and Turkey sandwich.

Coffee Life coffeehouse chain offers its guests to get into spring mood with new coffee beverages

On the 22-23th of March a new Coffee Life coffeehouse  opened on 72, Karl Marx Av., Dnepropetrovsk. The biggest coffee cup was our special guest.

During Lent period Coffee Life will produce its own Lenten cookies.

An international franchise exhibition will be held in Kiev from 28th of February till 2nd of March

Coffee Life continues to expand its assortment under its own brand. In February, we launched our own tea brand Elliot that has four different tastes.

Starting from the 1st of February, Coffee Life guests have a unique opportunity to feel like a traveler and go to the south of Italy or become a real American.

On 24th-26th of November our subscribers on и get a cool user pick and Coffee Life Card for free!*

Happy New Year 2012! Thanks for choosing Coffee Life!

Facing New Year, Coffee Life offers its guests to try new chocolate produced by Coffee Life Private Label.

Bonuses are awarded for every purchase you make with the help of Coffee Life CARD.

Coffee Life is glad to introduce new products that you can take to your home.

From the 28th of November till the 18th of December Coffee Life holds a joint promo event with Canadian Club Whiskey.

Coffee Life introduced new products on the Gourmet menu for all gourmets and delights lovers.

 In November, Coffee Life celebrates its fourth anniversary.

On the 12th of November, 4 regions, 6 finalists fought for the title “The Best Coffee Life Barista” and for the iPad!

On the 2nd of November, Coffee Life conducted the last qualifying round of Coffee Life Barista Championship 2011.

This autumn all our visitors have a unique possibility to get coffee in pack of superior quality produced by Coffee Life.

On the eve of Halloween Coffee Life coffeehouse chain made pleasant surprises for all its guests.

On the 26th of October, Coffee Life conducted the third round of Coffee Life Barista Championship in Kharkov.

Experienced barista competed for the best Coffee Life coffee master and for the opportunity to represent Zaporozhye region in the finals!

A fascinating journey to the island of freedom and love was held on the night of the 14th and 15th of October at Coffee Life coffeehouse, situated at 13 Gagarina Avenue, Dnepropetrovsk.

Especially for the City Day, Coffee Life – coffeehouse chain №1 in Ukraine, presented the biggest coffee cup, which had been listed in the Ukrainian Books of Record.

The first round of Coffee Life Barista Championship was held on the 7th of October 2011.

During October-November 2011 Coffee Life will held a competition for the best barista!

Coffee Life doesn’t stop to glad its customers with new products.

All healthy eating lovers and active life fans have the possibility to taste Coffee Life new products – Apple Oatmeal, Strawberry Oatmeal and “Britannia” - traditional oatmeal.

Starting from the 14th of September just order a Fuzzy Navel cocktail at any Coffee Life and get a prize.

Let’s celebrate City Day together with COFFEE LIFE! Gift a cup of coffee to your friend.

With the advent of autumn, it's the right time to sum the results of our online voting "Which positions of our ICE MENU do you like the most"?

On the eve of September, 1 we have prepared a pleasant surprise for all our guests!

Today at 10:00 we have hold a grand opening of our new coffeehouse at Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 7, in Kharkov.

Between 28/07 - 25/08 Coffee Life will hold a "Buy a Gin & Tonic and win a guaranteed prize" promotion!

We set up a new Ukrainian record on last Saturday.

 On the 16th-7th of June we are conducting a joint promo with TM Becherovka.

A new video added

On the night of June 10-11 the most honored representatives of mafia clans from different cities gathered at Coffee Life coffeehouse situated on 3 Korolenko St., Dnepropetrovsk.

 June 10th 2011 @ 11pm, Coffee Life at 3 Korolenko St., Dnipropetrovsk will host an outrageous "Gangster's Ball" for all our patrons and those who prefer the McIvor brown liquor.

 During the month of May we were conducting a survey of our web visitors.

One year has passed since the opening of the first coffeehouse in Kiev. 1 year – is an era of testing and checks and on this special occasion we are summing up the results and making plans for the future.

 See our new promo video! We are waiting for your comments!

 The first roller sport competition was held in Dnipropetrovs’k on May 14-15. Initiators did their best to attract the strongest riders not only from Ukraine but also from Russia. And we became the general sponsor of this great event!

Summing up photo contest results that we held on our website from 15.04.11 till 15.05.11.



 Sandy paste with different mix of fruits in a soft jelly.

 The most popular dessert is now available at COFFEE LIFE! A taste that everybody remembers from their childhood. Sweet biscuit with apples and cinnamon - pairs best with your tea!

As we expected the party was rocking! Our coffeehouse at Sumskaya 22, Kharkov gathered the truest fans to talk and get in a good mood.

International Coffee Day is celebrated on the 16th of April. Being that we are the truest coffee lovers, we cannot but celebrate this holiday!