Coffee as life style



Wi-Fi internet

Can’t often meet your friends? Thanks to the Wi-Fi Internet access in our cafés you may socialize with them by messengers and in social networks. The atmosphere of Coffee Life can be comfortable not only for resting but also for working so Wi-Fi helps you in it.

You will find a password to access the Internet in the end of your check.

Fresh press

Do you love reading news with a cup of coffee? We propose you fresh issues of the editions listed below which report about and analyze the most important developments happened in Ukraine in spheres of politics, economics and culture.


An entertaining journal for curious people. It is translated in three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.


The Ukrainian version of a daily newspaper issued by the well-known publishing house. The freshest news for bussiness people.

Kyiv Post

A weekly founded in 1995 was unique for a long time because of being oriented for the English-language audience. From recent time it is also published in Ukrainian and Russian languages. You can find it in our cafés in Kyiv and Kharkiv.