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About Company

Coffee Life Franchising – is a successful and efficient coffee business. In 2011 our fast-moving company launched a franchising project. Coffee Life franchising system is very perspective for those who are ready to use the experience of the largest coffeehouse chain in Ukraine with a guaranteed profit.

At the beginning of March 2013, Coffee Life chain consists of 36 coffeehouses in 6 major Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Luhansk and Kirovograd.

Research & Facts

According to the results of marketing studies conducted in 2010, Coffee Life chain was named as the largest coffeehouse chain in Ukraine and the most recognizable brand among coffee lovers in Central and Eastern Europe.

One of the unique Coffee Life feature is a customer service in free flow. It was a new concept for Ukrainian customers, and as we see, it has a success.

Number of coffeehouses

Coffee Life Guests

A unique and well thought concept allows maintaining high interest of different groups of visitors.

Besides, active position at the market allows us to stimulating the interest of our loyal visitors and new guests as well as building a successful business in fast food industry.

loyal guests
new guests

Pleasant and comfortable atmosphere allows lovers to feel the privacy, a businessman to conducting a meeting, or a group of students to having fun.

We appreciate our visitors and open coffeehouses in the central streets of the city, in shopping malls as well as near students’ places and places of walks. We strive to create all the required conditions so that the guest can devote more time to himself.

Franchise Business Economic Outlook

According to experts, the market of coffee business is still developing and has a need for such coffeehouses. Coffee Life ambitions are great.

The proposal is to purchase Coffee Life franchise and to use the most recognizable coffeehouse brand in Ukraine.

Investment amount ≈500 000 UAH
Franchise fee 240 000 UAH
fixed by NBU 1 USD = 20 UAH
Royalty 5%/month
Investment amount includes: construction works, design, furniture, equipment and current monthly expenses including royalty, patents and licenses. To calculate the amount we use the property of 100—120 m².

Payback Time

Average sales — 4 000, 7 000 и 10 000 UAH/day

How to become a partner?

Step 1

Decide on real estate for your future coffeehouse. The real estate can be rent or can be your own.

Step 2

Evaluate your financial opportunities.

Step 3

Fill the form below or just call to a Coffee Life representative.

Step 4

Together we will build a favorable working scheme.



We know how the place can fully work for you!