Coffee as life style



We prsent you four unique blends of coffee beans from Coffee Life — the result of using
rich expirience and complete profesionalism
of roasting.

These thoroughly selected kinds to satisfy all the requirements of the drink connoisseurs', those who:

  • — likes the delicious taste and aroma
  • — wants to be filled with energy (strong)
  • — used to drink coffee constantly
  • — likes and appreciate the excelent Arabica

Key benefits of coffee from
Coffee Life:

  • — wonderfull aroma and taste, can delight even the most captious connoisseur
  • — the greates quality of the product is supplied with strict control on every phase of production
  • — the elite of kinds and thorough selection of beans on the best world plantations — of Brazilia, Ethiopia, Indonesia and others ecologicaly clear regions of the world
  • — the majority of processess for harvest and prepearing coffe beans are made manually.

Buying coffee with Coffee Life you can be sure in the greatest quality of the drink

You can bring home a little part of cosy and pleasant atmosphere of our bar. You can ask our barista to make the best suitable grade for your goals: for coffe pot, coffee machine, french-press and so on.



Blend from Brasilia and Ethiopia differs with the full and rich fruit taste, well balanced, with bright aroma of black chocolate.
The taste is moderately strong and at the same time is soft, with expressive bit of sourness, it perfectly discloses with cooking in coffee pot, or espresso coffee machine.


The aroma of unsurpassed fried coffee beans from India, Vietnam and Indonesia filles every morning with notes of popular kitchen herbs and french toasts. It perfectly feels you with energy, gives you a lot of good mood every day. It recomends to be made in french press or in coffee machine.



Coffee with a soft bit of sourness coffee beans of Brasilia and Salvador, combining with the best Vietnam coffee beans, reproduces unique aftertaste of dark bitter chocolate. It reveals brightly by making in coffee pot and fits for every kind coffee infusion.


Blend of perfectly fried coffee beans, from Ethiopia, Brasilia, Vietnam and Indonesia, shades the taste of home-made bread and east spice. Coffee with barely appreciable fruit sourness and bitter of home-made baking reveals by cooking in coffee machine.