Coffee as life style



Year 850
X century
XII century
Year 1475
Year 1565
Year 1646
Year 1665
Year 1684
Year 1812
November 6,
Roman Empire
People started using leaves and dark red coffee berries
According to the legend, stimulating properties of coffee were revealed by shepherd Kaldi who noticed that his goats having eaten leaves and dark red berries during daytime were excited and active at night. He told about this strange case to the head of the monastery and who decided to try odd beans.
Yemenites cooked mature dried pulp of coffee berry to make a drink called «geschirr» so called «white Yemen coffee»
Ethiopians were finally banished from Arabia in XI century. During their reign Arabs have adopted many things from Ethiopian original culture including their habit to drink coffee. Arabs prepared it in the way quite different from modern: grinded coffee beans mixed with animal fat and milk.
Coffee drink was prepared from the raw coffee beans. Several centuries’ later beans were dried, roasted and crushed. The resulted powder was mixed with hot water to produce a coffee drink.
Arabs flavored it with various spices, such as ginger and cinnamon. Also they mixed drink with milk.
First specialty store was opened and got the name
«Kiva Han»
First public coffee store was opened.
First European coffee store opened the doors.
Samuel Collins, a court doctor wrote a recipe to Russian tsar Alexey Mikhailovich:
«Boiled coffee known by Persians and Turks, and common after lunch... is a fairly good medicine from arrogance, rhinitis and headache»
Широкое распространение кофе как популярного в Европе напитка связано с именем украинского купца Юрия-Франца Кульчицкого
Wide distribution of coffee as popular drink in Europe relates to Ukrainian merchant Yuriy-Frants Kulchitskiy. In decisive moment of Turks’ siege of Vienne in 1683 Yuriy-Frants Kulchitskiy dressed into Turkish clothes led allies’ troops to help beleaguered town. He received the title of honored citizen of Vienne and asked as reward 300 sacks with coffee beans conquered from Turks. Actually Yuriy Kulchitskiy became one of the first unrecognized classics of advertising. He personally promoted coffee, walked with a cup of coffee in hand on the city streets in Turkish clothes. In 1684 in Vienne he published the book of his memoirs which became a bestseller in Europe. On August 13th, 1684 Kulchitskiy opened the first coffee house in Vienne. He adapted Turkish coffee to European taste: added some sugar and milk, created famous «Vienna coffee». It was a drink which conquered the whole Europe.
Drinking coffee became a good taste
Coffee stores similar to French ones started to appear in St.Petersburg and other cities of Russian Empire. In some cities people founded societies for coffee distribution which were fighting against similar tea societies.
Switzerland chemist Max Mergenthaler created instant coffee. It became a household stapled during 40’s of twentieth century.
First COFFEE LIFE store was opened.
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